BMW Swap Convert N54 N52 engine E90 E60 Harness/Wiring Adapter – E30 E36 E46 E39

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BMW N54 or N52 wiring harness adapter 

with CAN-BUS emulator and instructions

For the best possible price please send us an email with details of your engine swap and delivery address to check the best price for you.

This Wiring Harness Adapter was developed to allow the installation / swap of an N54 / N52 engine with the original engine ECU, into any other BMW car.

N54 is a Twin Turbo engine and is available on E90/E91/E92/E93, E60/E61, E82/E88 or E89.

This Wiring Adapter is very easy to install. It is a plug and play solution. It is also included an OBD2 plug that you can use with your OBD tool to see live data, fault codes or even flash your ECU. You will find all the information needed and photos on the installation procedure included in this sale. 

This swap solution with this CAN BUS emulator was tested on a Dyno to make sure there is no power loss, the engine does not enter safe mode. 

The Engine ECU will store many fault codes due to a no CAN communication with all the others ECU´s (ABS, airbag, cluster, etc), so, we developed this CAN Emulator to simulate all the other e90´s ECU as well as the Junction Box to allow you to do diagnose, without our emulator you will not be able.

So, Instead of having more than 20 fault codes, you will only have 5 faults codes. These are not possible to simulate. If you want you can delete these on the memory of the engine ECU with a help of a Chiptuner. The List of the fault codes are available on the instructions procedure.

It is only possible to check the engine oil level using an e90´s cluster or diagnostic tool. However we developed on our emulator box a LED to allow you to check if the oil level is ok or not.

To use our wiring harness adapter you must have from the new engine, the following SET/parts:

    –    Engine ECU/DME
–    Electronic gas pedal
–    CAS Module
–    Key
–    Ignition key reader and the cable to CAS Module
–    All the wiring/plugs, related to the engine

You just need to leave the Key inside the Slot / Key reader and hide everything on any location of your car. You will use your old Key to turn ON Ignition and start the engine.

We have a complete guide to help you removing all the wiring needed for this project. Please contact us to send that information. 

As far as we know this type of engine ECU is not possible to delete EWS/IMMO. So, you must get CAS and key from the donor car.

This product was developed using a N54B30 engine with MSD80 or MSD81 engine ECU, with manual transmission. Also developed and tested on a N52B30 engine swap.

Our wiring harness for N54 / N52 engine will be plug & play on your BMW E30, E36, E46, E39. Please inform us which car you have and inform us if your engine is N54 or N52. Using our Kit all the information on your E30 or E36 cluster will work as stock. E46 and E39 cluster uses CAN communication to work. Our Kit Translate CAN Messages from the engine ECU to the E46 or E39 that allow the cluster to have the RPM and engine temperature working correctly.

To build our wiring harness adaptors, we only use new electric components, original and high quality..

Any question or doubt you can contact us. We Speak English, Portuguese, French and German.

Warranty – we offer 2 year warranty. If you have any problem, just contact us.

We ship worldwide. Most items will be sent within 24 hours. 

VAT invoice:  all our items include a VAT invoice supplied with the goods.  Please tell us your VAT number for correct invoice.

Our BMW wirings are dispatched by Fedex international shipping (3 or 4 day delivery).

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