BMW Swap Convert M52TU M54 M62 S62 S54-E46,E39 in E36 E30 Harness/Wiring Adapter

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Wiring harness adapter with instructions

For the best possible price please send us an email with details of your engine swap and delivery address to check the best price for you.

This Wiring Harness Adapter was developed to allow the installation / swap of an E46 or E39 engine into an E36, E30, E34 or Z3 car.

This Wiring Adapter is very easy to install. Basically you only need to connect some plugs, power supply (+12 V) and ground. You will find all the information needed and photos on the installation procedure included in this sale.

– First you must remove your old engine and engine wiring harness from your car.
– Then, you must install your new engine with the complete engine wiring harness.
– After this, you will find on the engine wiring harness 4 plugs to connect to the engine ECU.
– The other connector of the ECU (Connector number 4) will be provided on our wiring harness.

This Wiring Adapter also have an OBD2 plug where you can check errors, live data, etc…

This Wiring Adapter was developed and tested to the following engines:

–       M52TUB20/25/28 with DME/ECU MS42 from E39 or E46

–       M54B22/25/30 with DME/ECU MS43 from E39 or E46

–       S54B32 with DME/ECU MSS54 from E46

–    M62TUB or S62 from E39

This harness adapter will not work at M54 engine with MS45 DME/ECU

You only need to delete the EWS/IMMO then everything will work.

You can use a Radiator with Electric Fan from E46 into your E30 or E36, please inform us during your order. We will build your wiring harness with that option or not.

For E30 only – This wiring harness adapter will work, if you have at the engine bay a 20 position plug (Photo 4)

For E34 and Z3 – We need to know more Info about your car. Please contact us.

If you want to swap other engine from E46, E39, E38 or E53 not on the list, contact us, we will help you.

For LHD cars – Using an E46 engine – the engine ECU/DME will not reach the Right side easily. You can install a complete engine harness from e39 because it has length enough to place the ECU/DME there.

To produce your wiring harness we need to know the following information from your car / project:

–       What is your car?   (e.g.  E36).

–       Which engine you want to swap? (e.g. M54B30)

–       Which DME/ECU your new engine use?  (e.g. MS43)

–       Which car the engine came from? (e.g. From E39)

–       If your engine is from an E46, will you install a complete wiring harness from E39? (e.g. Complete wiring harness from E39)

–       If your engine is from an E46, will you install the E46 radiator and electric fan?

To build our wiring harness adaptors, we only use new electric components, original and high quality..

Any question or doubt you can contact us. We Speak English, Portuguese, French and German.

Warranty – we offer 2 year warranty. If you have any problem, just contact us.

We ship worldwide. Most items will be sent within 24 hours.

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VAT invoice:  all our items include a VAT invoice supplied with the goods.  Please tell us your VAT number for correct invoice.

Our BMW wirings are dispatched by Fedex international shipping (3 or 4 day delivery).

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